Rock The Night Away

Rock The Night Away

Fri | March 03 7pm - 10pm

Rock The Night Away

This exciting staff appreciation cocktail hour and parent party will feature plenty of food, drinks and music as well as a Silent Auction and Our Gift Card Tree. Parents, staff and other community members are invited to join in the fun and help raise money to support the wonderful programs at Jahn.

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    SOLD! Acknowledgement as the title sponsor for our Parent Party!  Your logo will be on display throughout our event!

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    SOLD! Option 1: Help us celebrate our amazing staff by sponsoring our Teacher and Staff Appreciation Party. Your logo will be place on all teacher invites as well as in their gift bags! SOLD!! Option 2: Help us get this party groovin' by sponsoring our Entertainment!  Your logo will be on display on our stage!

  • Silver

    Help Jahn grow by sponsoring our Gift Tree. Your logo will be displayed on all Gift Tree related items.

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    We’ve assembled a group of lots with maximum potential at our Silent Auction!  Your logo will be displayed on all auction materials.

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